Hidden Opportunities will help non-profits and other kinds of grantees to develop the will and the skills to approach their foundation, corporate and individual grantors about becoming visible within private grantor circles.

Did you know that you can:

  • Find out what grantor networks your foundation, corporate and individual grantmakers now belong to

You can! Learn how echo's services can do this for you. Our reports provide comprehensive detail about which networks your donors are dues-paying members of. These can be used to approach your sponsors with questions about how your organization can benefit.

  • Gain the confidence and the right words to approach your grantors to ask them about whether they would be willing to promote you within private donor circles as an expert on your issue areas.

Non-profits can and do approach their sponsors to inquire about their potential role in private grantor alliances.

You can, too.

echo's Coaching Circles and 8 Days of Hidden Opportunities Service (soon to be announced) will help you have these kinds of conversations with each of your major sponsors.

Your grantors will appreciate it if you come to them with good ideas. If your organization fits the bill in their mind, you just may wind up being considered by them as a potential candidate for a panel idea submission to one of the grantor networks they are member of.

It is worth putting some energy into.

  • Promote your work into the communications channels (newsletters, bulletins, blogs, webinars, and more) read by members of grantor networks, which reach dozens of donors simultaneously.

Your donors have the power to promote key grantees and their success stories into the newsletters, blogs and online content read by grantors of the networks they belong to.

Only some grantees are benefitting from this.

It could be you!

echo communications will help you with this.
Call us for an estimate: 202-375-0743.

Grantees are routinely mentioned and even highlighted in the newsletters and other communications channels of grantor networks. Check out how WORLD has been highlighted in the Funders Concerned About AIDS's blog.

  • Propose content for panels that you might present at grantor network conferences to educate network members about the latest in your issue field

Every year, there are countless meetings that gather members of grantor alliances that are relevant to your field. These include annual conferences, policy briefings and educational seminars.

Non-profit leaders are routinely asked to participate as speakers and issue matter experts at these meetings.

It could be you! Call echo communications to learn how we can help you propose panel topics and gain the agenda there.

If your organization's efforts to land you on the speaking circuit do not include outreach to your sponsors for speaking roles in grantor networks, you definitely must retool your strategy.

Check out a few of the grantee speakers who were invited to brief grantor members of the Environmental Grantmakers Association at its most recent annual conference (September/October 2012).

Learn more about Hidden Opportunities for Grantees and their Counselors.

Hidden Opportunities for Grantees and their Counselors is for non-profits, universities, associations, lobbying entities, communications firms, and many other resource-seeking entities, as well as the firms that advise them (fundraising, marketing, personnel recruitment, etc).

You will know Hidden Opportunities is for you if -

  • You are in the habit of approaching foundation leaders, corporate executives and individual grantors one by one with your requests for funding
  • You did not realize there is a way to reach grantors in your field-- collectively!-- with your ideas about how to influence the issues you care about
  • You would like to build new relationships with major funders in your field and become better known amongst them as an expert
  • You would like to enhance the visibility of your organization and the solutions you promote amongst those who are in a position to support you
  • You do not know how to go about getting recognized in private donor settings
  • You are an advisor to grantees and would like to be able to counsel them about how to capitalize fully on every grant received

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