The field is yours for the taking!

At echo communications, we are poised to help you take advantage of your relationships within organized grantor networks and translate them into major visibility for your projects within grantmaker culture.

Grantors who are proactive in their relationships with grantor alliances are the ones who end up on the panels, in the newsletters and with grantees who are highlighted in webinars on their websites.

Those who are not as proactive are likely to miss many of these opportunities – for themselves and for their grantees, too.

That is why we have called our program Hidden Opportunities.

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You will know Hidden Opportunities is for you if -

  • You have grantees whose work you are thrilled by and you want to share the results of your collaboration with your peers in the funding community who can learn from their experiences
  • You have noticed other grantors benefiting from their membership in grantor networks by advancing their grantees for leadership visibility roles there, but have not yet capitalized on these networks
  • You are aware that your funding is not unlimited, and that funding partnerships would assist your grantees in moving their agendas forward
  • You have grantees with innovative policy solutions to seemingly intractable problems and you would like to see other grantors adapt funding strategies that incorporate these new directions
  • You recognize the vital role grantors can play in sustaining their grantees into the future and would like to help your grantees find footing with other grantors in your issue and geographic spheres
  • Or, you work with grantors in an advisory capacity and would like your customers to benefit from information about how their grantmaking can be fully leveraged

Hidden Opportunities for Grantors and their Advisors is for foundations (all types), corporate entities (all types), government agencies, major individual donors, and philanthropic, legal and recruitment advisors to grantors.

Mimi Ghez, president, echo communications

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