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Grantees and Fundraising Consultants

Grantees often miss a variety of "asks" that can be made of the people and institutions that sponsor them.

These simple asks, if made, have the potential to bring enormous benefit to your organization well beyond any check written by your grantor.

Little known grantor alliances link hundreds of donors nationwide by issue area and also by geographic focus. Members of these networks often participate by bringing forward their grantees to be spotlighted before other members in order to gain exposure for new funding directions. They can be spotlighted in many ways – on panels at large conferences, in newsletter communications, in educational webinars for donors.

Grantees can quite easily gain these spots with the backing of their sponsors.

We have created a program to help get you through the door.

We have called it Hidden Opportunities.

You may think the opportunity ends when the check from your grantor arrives at your door.

It doesn't.

Gain Visibility for Your Ideas Within Grantor Circles

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Hidden Opportunities in Grant Writing and Fundraising Consulting - a Webinar

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You may think the opportunity ends when you send in your membership check to a grantor affinity group or regional grantor alliance and decide to go one of their annual conferences.

It doesn't!

Hidden Opportunities will help grantors of all kinds gain maximum benefit for your grantmaking portfolios within these networks as well as other kinds of private grantor settings.

Because many grantors do not have a full-time staff person dedicated to doing this, it is easy to miss valuable opportunities that are theirs to be had within grantor alliances and related settings.

These include:

  • The chance to promote your agenda within grantor networks by speaking at network gatherings that draw together funders of interest to your mission
  • The ability to promote your key grantees to other grantors who are members of key geographic and issue-based grantor networks
  • The opportunity to draw the attention of grantors in your field to the results of your funded research by having it highlighted in newsletters distributed to members of grantor alliances you participate in

Reaching out to grantor alliances to gain enhanced exposure for your grantmaking work can easily be done.

What's more, this type of orchestrated activity, when done on a regular basis, has the potential to bring enormous benefit to you, including:

  • enhanced visibility for your work with the set of grantors who care about your issues and the regions you are dedicated to
  • co-grantors who may adapt aspects of your funding strategy based on what they have learned from you in these settings
  • grantors who may decide to fund your key grantees based on what they have learned about them at network meetings

Learn about our Hidden Opportunities Services for Grantors.

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