Grantor Networks Recommendations Service

We will do this by: identifying which grantor networks are valuable to the future of your field and drawing out various scenarios for how your work might be featured there. We have an intimate knowledge of the platforms available at each grantor network, and the ways grantees are often featured
in each. These will be offered to you in the form of recommendations for
action you might take to gain entry to these elite settings.

In a comprehensive report, our recommendations will also include for you a description of what topics related to your field the grantors in these groups are discussing, who from your field is already on their agenda and how you can package your work so as to make it most attractive to these audiences. We will also counsel you in how to have appropriate and timely conversations with your grantors (foundation, corporate and individual major) about the
key role they can play helping to advance your organization amongst other grantors.

Email us to discuss an estimate.