Reports and Proposals Service for Your Grantees

Your grantees will never let a report or fund renewal request go out the door again without a request for their key grantors to leverage their relationships in grantmaker networks toward their mutual benefit.

In this service, echo will assist your grantees by creating language to insert into their reports and proposals suggesting specific ways they might work together with their grantors to leverage their memberships within grantor networks.

We will propose ways their grantors might help your grantees make use of the current capabilities and educational platforms now in place at the major grantor alliances where the organization has an interest (e.g., Northern California Grantmakers and/or Grantmakers for Education).

These will be highly reflective of the realities and constraints of grantor networks and also of grantor sensitivities.

Our inserted language will suggest all the ways their grantors might make their contributions to your grantee go that much farther. These might be by:

  • Submitting items about the results of their grantmaking with your grantee to the newsletters of grantor alliances they are now members of. These newsletters and related communications tools reach dozens of member grantors at once, many of them allied funders of your grantee's field.
  • Sponsoring your grantee as an educational speaker within key grantor networks that are highly relevant to their work.
  • Suggesting other kinds of content (such as an online webinar for members of grantor networks that are highly valuable to your grantee's field) which your grantee might learn to create with their other grantors to educate even more grantors on the issues

Price varies depending on the number of reports/proposals being written.

Discounts given for grantees ordered in bulk.

Email us to discuss an estimate.