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Services now available for Grantees and Fundraising Consultants:

6 Days of Hidden Opportunities Service!

In this powerful service, we will work with you one on one to develop powerful plans for you to raise your visibility within grantor networks. This service is done by Skype, and is for non-profit leaders, including executive, development, communications, and program.

Grantor Networks Recommendations Service

In this consulting service, we will make suggestions for how each of your major grantors can help advance your innovative work into grantor networks.

Reports and Proposals Service

Preparing to write a quarterly report to a grantor, or a renewal proposal? Want to find creative ways to work with your grantors to become highlighted as a thought leader within grantor networks whose members fund your field?

echo can help you do this by inserting language into your reports and proposals to existing funders which will make direct, appropriate asks for this.

Coaching Circles
Coming Soon

echo communications is announcing two new coaching circles for grantees interested in becoming thought leaders within grantor communities. One is for beginners who have never done this work before and understand the potential, and the other is for grantees who already have some experience working with these networks and are looking to explore how they could do even more (advanced).

At both levels, participants will be Executive Directors, Development Directors, Communications Directors, and/or Program Leaders (or related titles).

Fundraising Consultant Coaching

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Services now available to Grantors:

If you are often approached by your grantees with questions about how their work might become better known to other grantors, then our services will be helpful to you.

By and large, grantees do not know how to access private donor networks to promote their issue and organizational agendas there.

With your leadership, they can learn how to understand which donor networks all of their foundation, corporate and supporters today belong to. And, you can build their capacity to tap into these networks to promote their groundbreaking ideas and gain new donors there.

echo communication's services help you to do this.

Services now available to you:

Reports and Proposals Service for Your Grantees

Purchase this service for your grantee and/or grantees and boost their capacity to implement and receive support for their work in the long term.

6 Days of Hidden Opportunities Service for Your Grantees

Coaching Circle for your Grantees

Email us to discuss an estimate:

All clients are asked to sign echo's contract for services agreement as well as a binding non-disclosure contract. Engaging echo communications does not guarantee results.

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